After Lehrer’s Heart Attack

Lehrer’s heart attack was certainly not easy, but it helped him restucture his life in a better way. It was a miracle he had survived it, and with that came his lists. He made four lists he wanted to achieve. They were based on a healthy living style, the bus signs to collect list, the life priority list, and the stress list. They all four were very good lists, and all had a better living habbit.

Then we discuss his operation and how he had survived it, which led into losing the desire of smoking, which in my opinion is very, very good. He got company in a workout room, where he could share all he had to say with them. That, of course, helped him move on. He made a complete dietary transformation in order to improve his lifestyle, in which he eliminated all the junk food he had been eating since he was a boy, and added all the healthy foods he had never eaten.

He went back into working, and that led him into writing more fiction. Of course, he did not succeed several times, but turned out writing 19 novels that were printed and published, and that definitely succeeded.

In conclusion, we come to the point in saying that if he hadn’t had a heart attack, then he might have not succeeded and improved his lifestyle the way he did.

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4 thoughts on “After Lehrer’s Heart Attack

  1. tsion

    This is really good writing.

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  2. Love your blog! Plus you did a really good job writing this, but just so you know, you accidentally mispelled *survived. Otherwise, I love it!

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