Three Stories about Me


Three Stories about Me

To be honest there are many stories in my life I would like to tell in my autobiography, but these three are one of the most important ones. Firstly, it’s the one I’ve titled “Outcast”. It takes place in my fifth grade school year in elementary public school. It’s the time when I was a total and complete outcast in which I had to face many humiliations, not only from the students but also from the teachers. It also, though, has a very fascinating lesson in which I learned to love unconditionally, face my fears, and forgive.

Next is the story I titled “Forbidden Love”. The story of my life that takes place in my ninth grade school year  in which I was forbidden from my parents to talk to a boy I liked, only I didn’t know it yet. Took a shot at it and disobeyed my parents’ order, which turned out to be a roller coaster type of story you definitely want to hear, in which I learned obedience will save you from a lot of trouble and pain!!

Lastly, it is the story I titled “School Drop Out”. The type of story where you plan your whole educated school life, but have to throw it to the trash because God has other plans for you.  A story where I faced my greatest fear, and learned to defeat it with the help of God. A story where we saw God’s hand several times. We had to face forces of man and evil, we had to learn to have faith no matter what, and we had to learn to depend completely in God. A story in which we had to defeat our flesh and live by the Spirit. You definitely want to hear this story!

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2 thoughts on “Three Stories about Me

  1. You definitely seem to have an interesting life!

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