Family Government and its Source of Law

Family and Its Government

Families are composed by father, mother, and children and each of them plays an important role within the family. As we’ve already learned family is a form of government, and each government is composed by five different characteristics. Characteristics we will talk about in this essay within the family government.

Let’s start out with sovereignty. Sovereignty is what you call the final court of appeal; it is the one in charge of making the final decision. In families this is supposed to be the father but in most cases it is the mother who possesses this power. Next, we have hierarchy, or it can also be referred as authority. This is not the one that makes the final decision but it does have great influence over a government. In this case, in a family this authority would have to be the mother, or maybe both mother and father.

Now we will refer to laws. Laws or rules play a very important role in a government, and most definitely in a family. Laws are made up by the parents, (in a family), and it is the duty of the children to live by those laws. According to the way the children live by those laws, will be the way parents use sanctions. There can be positive and negative types of sanctions, for example, if the child follows the law or in this case rule, then the parents will be able to apply a positive sanction to the child. In most cases, (as my parents did to me), this positive sanction will be buying the child something he or she has desired in a certain period of time. However, parents can also apply negative sanctions that are if the child disobeyed or unfollowed one of the rules given by the parents. In most cases, (as my parents did to me), this negative sanction will be to take away for a certain period of time what the child had desired that the parents gave him or her, or we can also include spanking.

Last but not least, we have succession. Succession is when children continue with their parents’ type of government. Or if succession fails, they create a very different one, or maybe just inherit a few things and others throw away. Whatever option the child chooses, it will either keep a family tradition or it will start a new one, no one can really stop the adult child from making his or her own choice, but it will change generations on and forever.

The Source of Law in a Family

I believe that the source of law in a family should be God. Sadly this is not how many people think, so in many cases it is man who is the source of law in family. This definitely changes a way of a family and its future. I believe that if it is man who is the source of law in a family, then the family will be unstable most of its time not only economically but also emotionally. In the other hand, if God is the source of law in a family, then the family will be composed of peace, joy, and righteousness, which definitely leads to a stabilized, yet firm family.

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  1. Well done sis


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