Family A Legitimate Form Of Government

Family is a very well legitimate form of government, in fact it is the most important type of government there is. Families are the ones that make up a society and at the same time they make up a way of living and ruling. Society wouldn’t exist without it, nor would civil government. 

Let’s imagine an ilegitimate family form of government.  It would be total and complete chaos and confusion. You wouldn’t know who’s in charge, you wouldn’t have authority and you wouldn’t have any rules! As we’ve learned throughout school, legitimacy is required in both sovereignty and authority, and sovereignty and authority are required to make up laws or rules.Families are made up of father. mother, and children, and if families are not a legitmate type of government than neither father nor mother can rule over their children.

In conclusion if you tell me that family is not a legitimate form of government, then your practically telling me that family is not a government at all.                    


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2 thoughts on “Family A Legitimate Form Of Government

  1. excellent point, I’ve never thought of the family as a government but it sure is

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